NovaBell, Roteglia, Italy

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NovaBell, Roteglia, Italy

Ceramic tiles, Mosaic tiles, Porcelain tiles

The NovaBell company business is a love story for ceramic tiles that lasts since the year 1950. The NovaBell Brand is inseparably associated with the Bellei family. Its founder - Silvio Bellei – has become a distinguished leader  in the Italian ceramic scene in the 50’s and was occupied in the growth of the few most significant tiles companies. In the year 1988, Silvio Bellei created NovaBell, enclosing into it all his knowledge, dedication and originality. Throughout the happiest 60 years in the tile business Bellei has been demonstrating how one can merge professional courtesy with gentle humanistic values. This specific approach has been primarily reflected in Bellei’s fondness of his employees, who he has thought of as extended family. Today NovaBell is an unyielding, forceful company which remains a leader regardless of altering trends and know-hows. The secret of the company's potency is the careful and thoughtful management. First and foremost, cohesive teamwork, loyalty to the ideals and unwavering quality are the overwhelming concepts of NovaBell. 

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