Hakatai Mosaics, Ashland, OR, USA

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Hakatai Mosaics

Hakatai Mosaics, Ashland, OR, USA

Ceramic tiles, Glass tiles, Porcelain tiles, Stone

Company Hakatai Enterprises started importing and distributing faultless glass tile in the year 1997. That year has become a starting point of an impetuous rise to the mount of the resounding success. From that year the Hakatai name synonymous with unequaled beauty, universal affordability and inspirational innovations in the production of glass tiles. With an ardent passion for design and dedication to client service, the qualitative Hakatai products strive to set the latest tile fashion trends. The supplies of glass tiles and mosaics, which are intended in accordance to the last unique design trends, are constant and uninterrupted, available both in commercial and residential sectors. Vividly extensive customer base embraces architects, contractors and builders, famous interior designers and dealers, as well as common homeowners. One could encounter the company's products in prestigious international hotels, casinos, retail stores, restaurants, spas and houses across the country. 

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AshlandE1x2 glass tile AshlandE1x2 Details
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Largo glass tile Largo Details
Luster porcelain tile Luster Details
Majolica glass tile Majolica Details
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