Elon Tile & Stone, Bethel, CT, USA

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Elon Tile & Stone

Elon Tile & Stone, Bethel, CT, USA

Ceramic tiles, Marble tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles, Onyx tiles, Porcelain tiles, Slate tiles

Elon Tile & Stone Company offers an exceptional dealership program embraces of marvelously created small concept selections, which are meant as an assistance to the dealers who have to serve the clients. Presently, Elon has employed over 400 dealers across the United States, and an exceptional retail showroom in Mount Kisco, New York.  Whatever is the application you might wish for, Elon Tile & Stone provides the most elegant quality and an enormous variety of styles and colors. Anything from charming tumbled Marble to astounding Slates, Elon presents only the best. Affordable luxury – this is the catch phrase Elon Tile & Stone uses in order to describe its unique, extinguished and flawless services. The huge assortment of products of the company is a perfect concession between the unattainable magnificence and unswerving resilience.  

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Aluminum Herringbone Mosaics mosaic tile Aluminum Herringbone Mosaics Details
Argyle Mosaics mosaic tile Argyle Mosaics Details
Bamboo Mosaics mosaic tile Bamboo Mosaics Details
Basketweave Mosaics mosaic tile Basketweave Mosaics Details
Beachwood and Driftwood marble tile Beachwood and Driftwood Details
Bianco Carrara marble tile Bianco Carrara Details
Blue Celeste mosaic tile Blue Celeste Details
Botticino marble tile Botticino Details
Calacatta porcelain tile Calacatta Details
Captiva Mosaics mosaic tile Captiva Mosaics Details
Chateau De Sable mosaic tile Chateau De Sable Details
Chevron Mosaics mosaic tile Chevron Mosaics Details
Closeouts mosaic tile Closeouts Details
Cobblestone stone Cobblestone Details
Crema Marfil and Dark Emperador mosaic tile Crema Marfil and Dark Emperador Details
Diamondback Mosaics mosaic tile Diamondback Mosaics Details
Downtown Boston Brick Porcelain porcelain tile Downtown Boston Brick Porcelain Details
Durango mosaic tile Durango Details
Fan Mosaics mosaic tile Fan Mosaics Details
Fleur Mosaics mosaic tile Fleur Mosaics Details
Golden Sand Multi-Color mosaic tile Golden Sand Multi-Color Details
Grande Square Mosaics mosaic tile Grande Square Mosaics Details
Hampton ceramic tile Hampton Details
Hexagon Mosaics mosaic tile Hexagon Mosaics Details
Honey Onyx mosaic tile Honey Onyx Details
Honeycomb Mosaics mosaic tile Honeycomb Mosaics Details
Jewel marble tile Jewel Details
Kaleidoscope Mosaics mosaic tile Kaleidoscope Mosaics Details
Lantern Mosaics mosaic tile Lantern Mosaics Details
Lattice Mosaics mosaic tile Lattice Mosaics Details
Ledgerstone stone Ledgerstone Details
Metropolitan Ceramic Tile porcelain tile Metropolitan Ceramic Tile Details
Micro Brick Mosaics mosaic tile Micro Brick Mosaics Details
Micro Herringbone Mosaics mosaic tile Micro Herringbone Mosaics Details
Mini Random Strip mosaic tile Mini Random Strip Details
Multi-Width Mosaics mosaic tile Multi-Width Mosaics Details
Nuance Marble Porcelain porcelain tile Nuance Marble Porcelain Details
Opal Ceramic ceramic tile Opal Ceramic Details
Orbit marble tile Orbit Details
Oval Mosaics mosaic tile Oval Mosaics Details
Petite Chevron Mosaics mosaic tile Petite Chevron Mosaics Details
Raindrop marble tile Raindrop Details
Rhomboid Mosaics mosaic tile Rhomboid Mosaics Details
Ribbon marble tile Ribbon Details
Rounds Mosaics mosaic tile Rounds Mosaics Details
Royal Lantern marble tile Royal Lantern Details
Square Mosaics mosaic tile Square Mosaics Details
Starlight Mosaics mosaic tile Starlight Mosaics Details
Tulip marble tile Tulip Details
Wood Porcelain porcelain tile Wood Porcelain Details
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