American Olean, Lansdale, PA, USA

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American Olean

American Olean, Lansdale, PA, USA

Ceramic tiles, Marble tiles, Metal tiles, Mosaic tiles, Porcelain tiles, Stone

In today's fast paced business environment most affordable items are manufactured outside of the USA. But American Olean is outside of this norm. They are a tile distributer and manufacturer located in the United States providing a huge selection of affordable porcelain and ceramic products. Many people prefer to purchase items made in the States and they buy American Olean products to support the made in the USA philosophy. 

The American Olean Company has a reputation for being committed to the environment. They manufacture items made of recycled materials including scrap materials from their own manufacturing process. Ten of their product lines qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. They also recycle water at their manufacturing facilities. 

American Olean was established in 1995. They offer durable, top-quality tile that is as beautiful as it is functional. They have divided their product line into four different categories; Continental Rustics, Elemental Naturals, Signature Classics and Designer Essentials. Within these categories you will find; glazed porcelain, ColorBody porcelain, quarry tile, mosaics, floor and will tile, pool tile, pavers and trim. 


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Abound mosaic tile Abound Details
Abstracts ceramic tile Abstracts Details
Alair mosaic tile Alair Details
Belmar ceramic tile Belmar Details
Bevalo ceramic tile Bevalo Details
Bordeaux porcelain tile Bordeaux Details
Bricktown mosaic tile Bricktown Details
Bright ceramic tile Bright Details
Castlegate porcelain tile Castlegate Details
Color Appeal mosaic tile Color Appeal Details
Concrete Chic porcelain tile Concrete Chic Details
Creekwood porcelain tile Creekwood Details
Crosswood mosaic tile Crosswood Details
Danya porcelain tile Danya Details
Designer Elegance ceramic tile Designer Elegance Details
Elemental Canvas mosaic tile Elemental Canvas Details
Etiquette porcelain tile Etiquette Details
Felicity mosaic tile Felicity Details
Fortify mosaic tile Fortify Details
Fusion Cotto porcelain tile Fusion Cotto Details
Generations mosaic tile Generations Details
Graphic Effects ceramic tile Graphic Effects Details
Harvest Grove porcelain tile Harvest Grove Details
Historic Bridge porcelain tile Historic Bridge Details
Horizon ceramic tile Horizon Details
Infusion porcelain tile Infusion Details
Jubilance mosaic tile Jubilance Details
Kendal Slate porcelain tile Kendal Slate Details
Laurel Heights mosaic tile Laurel Heights Details
Linea ceramic tile Linea Details
Marble Weave mosaic tile Marble Weave Details
Matte ceramic tile Matte Details
Merit porcelain tile Merit Details
Method porcelain tile Method Details
Mirasol porcelain tile Mirasol Details
Morello mosaic tile Morello Details
Novelty mosaic tile Novelty Details
Perspecta ceramic tile Perspecta Details
Pozzalo ceramic tile Pozzalo Details
Profiles ceramic tile Profiles Details
Quarry Naturals porcelain tile Quarry Naturals Details
Quarry Tile porcelain tile Quarry Tile Details
Rapport porcelain tile Rapport Details
Refined Metals metal tile Refined Metals Details
Refluence mosaic tile Refluence Details
Relevance porcelain tile Relevance Details
Renewal mosaic tile Renewal Details
Rosendal porcelain tile Rosendal Details
Salcedo ceramic tile Salcedo Details
Satinbrites porcelain tile Satinbrites Details
Satinglo porcelain tile Satinglo Details
Saxon Metals ceramic tile Saxon Metals Details
Scene porcelain tile Scene Details
Serentina mosaic tile Serentina Details
Silk Strands mosaic tile Silk Strands Details
St. Germain porcelain tile St. Germain Details
Stone Claire porcelain tile Stone Claire Details
Strategies mosaic tile Strategies Details
Sure Step II & Paver porcelain tile Sure Step II & Paver Details
Theoretical mosaic tile Theoretical Details
Theoretical Bold porcelain tile Theoretical Bold Details
Thresholds & Windowsills marble tile Thresholds & Windowsills Details
Ultra Modern porcelain tile Ultra Modern Details
Unglazed Color Body Porcelain Mosaics porcelain tile Unglazed Color Body Porcelain Mosaics Details
Urban Canvas ceramic tile Urban Canvas Details
Vellagio mosaic tile Vellagio Details
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