Alfa, Johor, Malaysia

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Alfa, Johor, Malaysia

For over two decades Alfa Tiles has been producing high quality Italian tile, adopting the latest know-hows and designs from industry leaders. Over this period of time Alfa Tiles has grown from a small factory located in Malaysia to one of the largest tile producers in the Asia Pacific region. And despite its rather remote location, Alfa Tiles can be easily called an Italian tile producer because the spirit, expertise and technologies employed in the production of each tile line come straight from the Mediterranean region. Today Alfa Tiles is one of the largest tile producers on the regional and international market with over 13,000,000m2 tiles of all major types produced annually. Ceramic, porcelain, stone, wood, homogeneous and even digital print tiles are available in all forms and broad range of colors and patterns. The sophisticated Italian technology allows producing high quality tiles of all kinds with a pleasant and exquisite aesthetic that will fit just any restyling or construction project. Whether you lean towards a classic Italian tile look or looking for a more modern visual approach, choosing Alfa Tile will offer you a very broad range of tile products to choose from!

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