Elios Ceramica, Solignano Nuovo, Italy

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Elios Ceramica

Elios Ceramica, Solignano Nuovo, Italy

Elios Ceramica brings you what Italian ceramic tiles are world-famous for: high quality, durability and excellent design. The company\'s history is a story of gradual growth and technological development that spans over nearly five decades. The first production lines employed by then young Elios Ceramica were able to produce only red body tiles of a rather limited selection of formats. But even then the brand was already recognized for its excellent quality and modern design. As the years passed and new production techniques and equipment were introduced, the company was able to produce a lot more formats and start creating white body tiles as well. The broad selection of tiles for kitchens and baths offered by Elios Ceramica today is a result of the gradual development process the company went through. But it\'s certainly just a phase in the company\'s success story. You can\'t go wrong by choosing Elios Ceramica products, since it\'s one of the best-selling brands in the upper-medium market of wall and floor tiles. The broad selection of designs and formats offered by this Italian manufacturer allows selecting the optimal solutions for any type of project. Make sure to browse the selection of products offered by Elios Ceramica through any of its numerous partners and distributors and you will definitely enjoy the result of your purchase.

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